2013/2014 - Fifteen months with the BBC Radio Drama Company (The Radio Rep).

   AUDIO DRAMA SHOWREEL (3.5 mins) . . Older RP, Yorkshire, Scottish, London, Younger RP, Welsh, American, German.

  COMMERCIALS (1.1 min) . . Prudential, Famous Grouse, Slazenger

  NARRATION (1.5 mins) . . from 1913 and Martha, and Endlings Tale


US by David Nicholls

THE RED HOUSE by Mark Haddon

FLASHMAN AT THE CHARGE by George Macdonald Fraser

AN INFAMOUS ARMY by Georgette Heyer

TOOTH AND NAIL by Ian Rankin

   HOME FRONT   -   regular

   (Series BBC Radio 4) - 2014 onwards - as Councillor Gabriel Graham.

      Longlisted for Best Actor in a Radio Drama - Audio Drama Awards 2015

    12 min daily episodes plus weekly omnibus and indefinite availability on podcast.

    Three complete Gabriel episodes from Season One (11 mins each) on links below:
    HOME FRONT - before his son's death, Gabriel, pro-war, begins to realise what's at stake.
    HOME FRONT - after Freddie's death, Gabriel, in denial starts to go to pieces.
    HOME FRONT - Gabriel, now staunchly anti-war is behaving still more erratically.
    Episodes written by Katie Hims and directed by Jessica Dromgoole.
     INTERVIEW about the series and about playing Gabriel.
      Also useful as an introduction to the actor.

PRODUCTIONS - Over a hundred plays, mainly with the Radio Rep including IN THE DEPTHS OF DEAD LOVE (clip - Howard Barker play, scene as Ghang persuading Chin to assist in suicide of his wife), THE STUARTS (extracts - 'It Came In With A Lass' - as Lord Bothwell ravishing and marrying Mary Queen of Scots), ENOCH'S MACHINE (clips - Enoch), SWORD OF HONOUR (clip - Laird), THE INTERROGATION (clip), PILGRIM (clip), THE EVENTS (clip), POLITICAL ANIMALS (Monologue as Rex, President Regan's dog), HR (comedy scene as Viennese psychiatrist), TOMMIES, THE SHOOTIST, THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING, THE DIVINE COMEDY, UNCLE VANYA, THE RIGHT CALL, AUTUMN 1914, REYKJAVIK, BEYOND CONTEMPT, HE DIED WITH HIS EYES OPEN, BARCHESTER CHRONICLES, THE PALE HORSE, PETITE MORT, LIFE IN THE FREEZER, ORDEAL BY INNOCENCE, THE MOONFLASK, THE RIVALS, THE ONE ABOUT THE SOCIAL WORKER, HUSH HUSH, RED AND BLUE, WHEN I LOST YOU, HIS MASTER'S VOICE, THE WAINWRIGHTS, SEEKERS, LOVE SONG OF QUEENIE HENNESY
DIRECTORS include Jessica Dromgoole, Marc Beeby, Sasha Yevtushenko, Lucy Collingdale, Jonquil Panting, Emma Harding, Tracey Neale, Peter Kavanagh, Jeremy Mortimer, Sally Avens, David Hunter, Alison Hindle, Mary Peate, Susan Roberts, David Ian Neville, Allegra McIlroy, Nandita Ghose, Marion Nancarrow, Liz Webb, Toby Swift, Bruce Young.