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Recent Film and TV credits  (click title for clip/still where available)






2019 WE HUNT TOGETHER Martin Carl Tibbetts/Jon Jones BBC studios
2019 DOCTORS - ep Good Neighbours Stewart Peter Fearon BBC TV
2017 The Miniaturist Lucas Windelbrake Guillem Morales The Forge/BBC
2015/17 The Crown Seasons 1 and 2 Master of Household Stephen Daldry/Philip Martin Netflix Original
2014 SILENT WITNESS - Undertone Doug Beale Nicholas Renton BBC TV
2013 DOCTORS Ron Evison David Beauchamp  
2011 DOCTORS (tv) ep 'Blind Spot' Peter Bradshaw Terry Iland BBC TV
2010 MILIBAND OF BROTHERS (tv) Ralph Miliband Richard Curson Smith Channel 4
2009 CULSHAW & STEPHENSON (tv) Various - incl Antiques Expert
and Nick Hewer (6 eps)
Angie de Chastelai Smith BBC

THE BILL (tv) ep 'Twist of Fate' Steven Merrill Tim Leandro TalkbackTHAMES

MURDERLAND (tv) Tobias Catherine Morshead RDF

CRIMINAL JUSTICE II (tv) Price Yann Demange BBC TV
2008 DR WHO CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (tv) Mr Coles Andy Goddard BBC TV

EASTENDERS (tv) Gordon (vet) Richard Platt BBC TV

CASUALTY - LOVE IS . . (tv) Father Murray Piotr Szkopiak BBC TV
2006 THE WORST CHRISTMAS OF MY LIFE (tv) Hewitt the undertaker Mark Bussell & Justin Sbresni BBC TV
2005 DOCTORS (Greg's gay wedding special) (tv) Victor (Greg's homophobic father) Terry Iland BBC TV

THE DA VINCI CODE (film) Constantine's Priest Ron Howard Rose Films

FLYBOYS (film) Squadron Chaplain Tony Bill Flyboys Films Ltd

MURPHY'S LAW (tv) Justice Burnham Richard Standeven Tiger Aspect

MESSIAH III (tv)  Governor Houseman David Drury Messiah Films
2003 WILLIAM AND MARY (tv drama series) Graham Bamber Coky Giedroyc Meridian Broadcasting

THE BRIEF (tv drama series) Brewer Jack Gold Carlton TV

FOYLES WAR (tv drama series) Malcolm Powell Jeremy Silberton Greenlit Productions

SILENT WITNESS (tv drama series) Peter Whittaker QC Rennie Rye BBC

CARLA (tv film) The Coroner Diarmuid  Lawrence RDF Media

DOCTORS (tv) Ron Ray Kilby BBC
2002 CASUALTY (tv drama series) Bill Granger (wife beater - 2 eps) Gwennan Sage and Tania Diez BBC
2001 TOUCH OF FROST      (tv drama series) Tony Chalmers Roger Bamford Yorkshire TV

BABY FATHER             (tv drama serial) Perry Alrick Reilly BBC TV

MIDSOMER MURDERS   (tv drama series) Michael Rycroft Peter Smith Bentley

IN DEEP                       (tv drama series) Chris Harrington Colin Buckley Valentine/BBC

LOS DOS BROS            (tv comedy series) car salesman John Henderson Talkback
2000 ANOTHER LIFE (FEATURE FILM) William Graydon Philip Goodhew Boxer/Winchester Films
1999 SUMMER IN THE SUBURBS(TV single drama) George
David Atwood BBC Films
OLIVER TWIST (TV mini series) Dr Butchard

Rennie Rye Diplomat Films
1998 UNDERCOVER HEART (TV mini series) Peter Drew

John Strickland

Richard Signy

1997 OKTOBER (TV mini series) Dr Franks Peter Gallagher Carnival Films
1996 BACKUP (TV drama series) Lane Douglas Mackinnon BBC TV
1995 INTIMATE RELATIONS (feature film) Mr Pugh Philip Goodhew Boxer/Handmade Films
1994 KAVANAGH QC (TV drama series) Michael Barnard QC Rennie Rye Central Films
1994 SEAFORTH (TV mini series) Dr Willis Stuart Burge/ Martyn Friend Initial Films


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