TWELVE NIGHTS IN ILLYRIA - click on title to play.

1.    Washed Up In Illyria - Viola alone on the beach after the shipwreck. (Scene 1)
2.    What A Jolly Nice Thing To Say - Sir Toby makes the gauche Sir Andrew flirt with Maria. (Scene 2)
3.    If Music Be The Food Of Love - Orsino tries out the melody his musician has provided for one of his love lyrics. (Scene 3) 
4.    He’s So Romantic - Viola, having been given her instruction to woo Lady Olivia, soliloquises about Orsino. (Scene 3)
5.    Don’t Go Hiding In The Catacombs - Feste wants Olivia to come out of mourning and rejoin the living. (Scene 4) 
6.    If I Did Love You - Viola tells Lady Olivia what she would do if she were in love and had been told it was impossible. (Scene 4)
7.    I Left No Ring With Her - Viola wonders what it might mean that Olivia has sent Malvolio to ‘return’ to her a ring she didn't leave. (Scene 6) 
8.    Good Red Wine + 9. Reprise - Feste, Sir Toby, Sir Andrew and Fabian sing a drunken round.  (Scene 7 - script extract)
10.   When Will You Cease To Be So Triste - Orsino and Viola chat then Feste sings a satirical love song (Scene 8)
11.   Something Else Besides - Viola teases Orsino. The intimacy grows. (Scene 8)
12.   I Am Pious, Pure and Godly + 13. Reprise + 14. Coda + 15. Interval play-out - Malvolio celebrates himself and his luck. (Scene 9)
16.   There Have Been Moments - Sebastian, alone on the beach, wonders if he should abandon hope of Viola's survival (Scene 10)
17.   My Lady I Greet You - Malvolio arrives in his yellow stockings and takes liberties with Lady Olivia. (Scene 12)
18.   What A Crazy Plan - Viola briefly considers the farce that has resulted from her crazy plan. (Scene 13)
19.   What Was That He Said - A stranger has referred to Viola by her twin brother's name . . . Viola realises the implications. (Scene 13)
20.   Madvolio, Madvolio - Malvolio’s behaviour has led him to him being locked in a pig-sty. Feste visits pretending to be a priest/doctor. (Scene 15)
21.    Beautiful Lady, Beautiful House - Lady Olivia, mistaking him for Viola, has thrown herself all over Sebastian. He ponders on this. (Scene 16)
22.   Tell Me You’re No Ghost - Just when things are turning really nasty the twins finally appear together. (Scene 17 - script extract)
23.   Time Goes By - The various lovers have gone off together. Feste is left alone. (Scene 17)
24.   FINALE - Loads Of Luck To Everyone - The cast romps back on for a more up-beat finale. (Scene 17)